This space is for individuals who judge competitive debate in Minnesota. Please post your judging philosophy here and try to update it as often as necessary because arguments do change as the event evolve.

How to Post:
Click on the "Edit this page" box at the top of the page and enter your name. After that, surround your name by using double brackets before and after your name and click save. After creating your page, click on your name. This will redirect you to your created page where you can type in your judging preferences. When finished, just press save again and your philosophy will be up.

Please keep the list in alphabetical order by last name to make the list easy to search.
What to Post:
Please post your school affiliation, the number of rounds judged this year, the number of years that you have been judging, and school strikes at the top of the page under your name. After that, provide a detailed summary of your judging preferences so that debaters have a clear idea how to adapt to your specific preferences. If there are arguments that you will not vote on, be sure to make these explicit.

Ahlstrom, Mark
Bailey, Jessica
Baron, Rob
Baskin, Jason
Bordwell, Dan
Bryan, Barbara
Brynteson, DJ
Burnside, Adam
Cegla, Rob
Charrier, Andy
Logan Chin
Dilger, Jeff
Fetzik, Steve
Fisher, John
Fogarty, John
Fones, Tom
Gelfand, Jacob
Green, Kathy
Hering, Todd
Hogan, Tim
Johnson, Dan
Joyce, Shannon
Koshiol, Kari
Koshy, Cherian
Lando, Michael
Lehman, Jesse
Lyman-Buttler, Andrew
Magyar, Paul
Mielke, Luke
Miller, Joseph
Prax, Zach
Pritschet, Dave
Redmond, Peter
Reikowski, Megan
Stephenson, Alex
Switala, Julian
Tarsney, Christian
Thompson, Rob
Tiffany, Michael
Torson, Adam
Tourville, Nick
Vieira, Liz
Voysey Olson, Sean
Windschitl, Amber

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